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About "i feel you"

I Feel You by Schiller feat. Heppner

The heartfelt, almost hypnotizing vocals of a male voyages in the echoing synth waves of empyreal electronica... This is the atmosphere German project Schiller's (Christopher von Deylen) collaboration with his fellow countryman Peter Heppner successfully creates all throughout the captivating single I Feel You.

Having worked together in yet another remarkable piece Dream of You back in 2001, the duo reunited in 2004 to deliver a profound track (note that many dance versions open with or include a female vocal sample having an oriental sound) that not only makes one dance but also causes to get carried away with powerful vocals and lyrics. Peter Heppner is one of those rare (male) vocals who can carry a song to the next level with the tone of their voice alone. He sounds naturally sad without any artificial effort to make himself sound husky as if suffering from some vocal nodule .Originally known to be the lead vocal of German synth pop band Wolfsheim, Heppner is soon to start his solo career with an album which is expected to be released later this year.

Starting with deep synths, I Feel You (also featured in the U.S. release Life) continues its melodic flow with the addition of a piano sample that is heard here and there throghout the track but the most striking of it all is Heppner saying:

n your ears from the bosom of tranquility. That sentence has an interesting effect no matter what gender you might be. Unlike the instant uneasiness or terror someone saying "I see you" on the other end of the phone might create, "I feel you" gives you relief and comfort on-the-spot. Someone is out there knowing how you feel, knowing what you're going through and understanding you sounds like a soothing, invisible support.

The simple but really meaningful lyrics enhance the intenseness of the song. With due respect to all the amazing female performers out there, I believe that a love song truly hits the spot when successfully performed by a male. Since us females are allowed and encouraged to show our emotions freely, we can and always do deliver love and almost every emotion available as poetic, lyrical or fierce as possible. Having the burden of social norms on their shoulders, the majority of males continue to linger like a volcano. They seem to live in and think clear-cut but actually burning deep down inside only to erupt if/when poked continuously. Thus, since it is not a common sight a man talking about his feelings with ease, when an emotion like love is portrayed by a man, it feels as if the effect is doubled.

"I feel you
in every stone
in every leaf of every tree
you've ever grown"

How many times can one hear a man utter what is going on inside his heart with such an ardent, honest depiction? To strip himself off his defenses is one of the hardest things they can do. Yet here, letting go of the final chains, he utters,

"I feel you
in every tear that I might shed
in every word I've never said"

as if finally surrendering against the reign of his feelings.

The lyrics of I Feel You can also be interpreted as spiritual and, when listened from that approach, is a hearty prayer. Feeling sacred love towards God in every stone, in every leaf of every tree is also a divine possibility. When experienced from that angle, the song dons a brand new, otherworldly meaning.

It is a musical delight that shelters a blissful prayer, a sensual call and a longing love all in one sanctum. All you need to do is close your eyes and let it penetrate into your soul to rediscover its meaning.

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