domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Aren´t you a Mexican?

I’m writing the following article to clear many things that you may think of us.
The idea came out because I read an article about Latin America in some newspaper (which I won’t name to avoid a publication’s war), more specific, about mexicans and what the foreigners think about us.
If you are a citizen from another country (not Mexico) I want to tell you this:
As  you know, Mexico is a country wich is located in Latin America, I'm sure you've heard about our culture, our natural beauty and like any other country, about our problems. Maybe you’re thinking that in your country there is not the same insecurity, drugs or other crimes, but I can tell you that the Mexico that you see in the news, newspapers or even in movies, it’s totally different from the Mexico where I live.
It’s not my intention to tell you that you're wrong, I just want you to realize the following:
In Mexico we are happy, we have education and also technology, there are people who cares for environment, traditions, or helping, and I don’t think it would be wise from you to underestimate us, because you’re making a huge mistake.
We have so much more history than other countries, a culinary diversity and many species. In the other hand, I’m sure that we haven’t given the attention they require, but believe me, not everyone has the same ideology and also not everyone wants to be Americans.
We’re not like the typical picture of a Mexican drunked, lying next to a cactus. No, in Mexico there are people working, dreaming, and wanting to success in life, but for some reasons, it can’t be done.
Maybe your country is a world power and mine isn’t, we have different ideologies and different physical characteristics but as Mexicans, we don’t begrudge any of the other, maybe we just want to achieve a better level in many things.
Just think about this the next time you talk about us, we all are not the same, and we don’t want to be like you, we just want to find our place.

So maybe you're a power world, but we have tacos (It's a local joke)
Anyway please think about this and have a good day.

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